jeudi 10 septembre 2015

End of Summer Bucket List: 5 Things to do Before Labor Day

Labor Day is fast approaching and although we all love a long weekend, there’s always something bitter sweet about this one. Yes, we get to stay out on Sunday and sleep in on Monday, but once it’s passed, summer is essentially over. School will be back in session, most will be back at work full time, and the season will begin to change. The sun’s already setting earlier and rising later, Labor Day just makes it more official.
Don’t be sad. You’re forgetting one very important thing: it isn’t Labor Day yet. So let’s make the most of the final days of summer. To aid in this pursuit we’ve come up with our Top 5 things you have to do before September 7th. Check it out below and soak up summer before it’s gone.
Color Fight – Learn how to make colored powders while it’s still warm out and challenge friends and family to a color fight. Much like the Hindu festival of Holi, where participants dance, play, chase, and cover each other in colored powder, you and yours can run around throwing colorful powder on one another. This activity makes for great pictures and great memories to keep you warm as the seasons change.

Water Balloon Slip ‘N Slide – Most of us have had a turn down a Slip ‘N Slide at least once, but it probably wasn’t covered in water balloons. This unique idea looks like an absolute riot, and perfect for the sizzling days of August.

Image via Hallmark Channel
Friendship Bracelets – This activity is a little bit of a throwback, but we’ve got to admit we’re really into it. If you’ve ever been to summer camp (day or overnight) you’ve most likely toiled with embroidery thread or gimp to make bracelets for your BFFs. Try making some for family and friends, and wear them as a reminder of better, warmer days.

Image via Honestly WTF

Star Gazing – Grab a kiddie pool, some blankets, and your kids or significant other and head outside to watch the stars. This is a great date for the whole family, presenting a fun opportunity to bond and reminisce about the summer while getting back to nature.

DIY Planter – Celebrate the end of summer by make something you’ll enjoy all year ‘round: a planter. We can’t stress how much we seriously love this craft. One of the many reasons we’re fans of this DIY is that it’ll add a little green to your space during the bleak winter months. Plus, its little freckly face is beyond cute. They’re using this planter for herbs, but you can use it for just about any small plant.

Image via By Wilma